How Do You Say 'You Are Cute' In French?


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In French, there are quite a few ways to tell someone that they're cute. Most of them apply to girls, but there are a few you can say to guys, too!

I wouldn't recommend saying any of these to a complete stranger, but if you know the person well enough, go ahead!

Ways To Tell Someone They're Cute In French

  • Tu es (trop) mignonne = To a girl, "You're (so) cute."
  • Tu es (trop) mignon = To a guy, "You're (so) cute." I wouldn't recommend using this, as it suggests that you think they're cute in a little-boy kind of way.
  • Tu es belle = To a girl, "You're beautiful"
  • Tu es beau = To a guy, "You're handsome"
  • Tu es jolie = To a girl, "You're pretty"

Other Ways To Compliment People In French - Anything in brackets is added for the female variant

  • Tu es marrant(e) = You're funny
  • Tu es gentil(le) = You're kind
  • J'adore tes cheveux = I love your hair
  • J'aime bien ta jupe! = I really like your skirt!
wilbert u can call me sue Profile
For a girl, you would say "belle" or "jolie", and for a boy, you would say "beau". That is why the name Beau was very popular for boys as it meant "cute" and "handsome". 

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