How Do You Say Shrimp In French?


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The direct translation of 'shrimp' or 'prawn' in English is 'crevette' in French. Crevette is a feminine noun.

However, the translation of shrimp into French depends on the size of the shrimp. If one is talking of the common shrimp which is only around three inches in length one would you 'crevette' as previously stated. But if one is referring to a 'jumbo shrimp' or 'king prawn' that is around six to ten inches in length one would use the term 'langoustine' which is also a feminine noun.

On the other hand if one is using the term 'shrimp' to describe a small person in a colloquial slang, an example of a French substitution for this would be 'avorton' or 'minus'.

Prawns and langoustine are a french speciality, particularly in Brittany (Bretagne), which is a coastal region in France. However they can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea and are absent from the Baltic and Black seas.

'Les Crevettes' are used in the French traditional dish Bouillabaisse, which is a stew of shellfish and herbs. Other traditional ingredients included in this dish are mussels (les moules), salmon (le saumon) and lobster (l'homard). See below for a picture of this French traditional dish.

Unfortunately, there have been recent discoveries of shrimps being farmed in terrible conditions in Thailand where other marine animals have been killed in order to achieve a greater yield of shrimp. So, many have chosen to strive to buy from suppliers that are closer to home in European traditional fishing communities.

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