How Do You Say 'Mom' In French?


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The French word for "mom" is "maman," which is pronounced mam-ohn. However, if you wanted to say "mother," you would say "mère" instead. Really, it all depends on context - if you're telling your friend that your mom wants you to come home, and you don't want to, you'd probably use "mère" instead of "maman."

Think of how your parents use your full name to address you when they're angry at you - it's kind of like that.

Other French Terms For Family Members
  • Mon papa = My daddy/dad
  • Mon petit frère = My little brother
  • Mon grand frère = My big brother
  • Ma petite sœur = My little sister
  • Ma grande sœur = My big sister
  • Ma grandmère = My grandmother
  • Mon grandpère = My grandfather
  • Ma mami = My granny
  • Mon papi = My granddad
  • Mon fils = My son
  • Ma fille = My daughter

To address family members, you'd use the pronoun "tu," as you're familiar with them. For example, "Have you eaten yet, mom?" you could say "Est-ce que tu as déja mangé, Maman?" or "Tu as déja mangé, Maman?" if you'd like to be more colloquial.
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La maman = mom.

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