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Chisholm is the name of a Scottish Highland clan whose seat until as recently as 1937 was Erchless Castle. The clan dates back to the late 13th early 14th century. The clan originally owned land away from the Highlands.

The clan has gone through a lot of history ranging from fighting against the British to inter clan hostilities and all out civil war. As recently as 1746 they sided with the Jacobeans against the English in the Battle of Culloden.

The clans crest reads Feros Ferio which means "I am fierce with the fierce". Their coat of arms depicts two brothers standing on either side of a shield bearing a boars head. There are two prominent legends related to their coat of arms, one states that a Chisholm saved the life of a Scottish monarch while the other has the two brothers hunting for a boar that was terrorizing the local inhabitants.
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A little correction - The Chisholms never fought the British. Before the 1707 act of union the "British" did not exist and after it the Scots, including the Chisholms, were themselves British.

They did have a role in the Jacobite (not Jacobean!) rebellions against government forces but considering there were more Scots in the government army than in the rebel army, it could not be said that their fight was with the "British".
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I really don't know... My last name is chisholm and I am interested in finding my heritage. If anyone could help me that would be great...

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