What Were Hieroglyphics Used For?


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Hieroglyphs were the script used by the ancient Egyptians to communicate with each other. But the word 'hieroglyph' is derived from Greek. The hieroglyph scripts consisted of letters, figures, and diagrams. Hieroglyphology is the study of the hieroglyph script. Since the hieroglyphic script was deemed to be too difficult for the layman, another simpler version called the hieratic script was born. The hieratic script gave way to a further simplified version called the demotic script.

Explorers would find parchment or rocks on which the hieroglyph was inscribed on but they could not make any sense of it. Great scholars such as Athanasius Kircher tried their luck at deciphering the script. It was only when Napoleon's army came across the Rosetta stone on of their campaigns that the secrets of the hieroglyph were unlocked. The stone contained most of the characters of the scripts along with a translation in Greek. It was later found that the script contained complex mathematics and physics formulae.
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They were not used for communication they were used to record things(write things down) and they were also used for recording history and they decorated walls of the kings tombs with them to tell stories.
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Hieroglyphics were used for communication with others to record things and communicate with the after life
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HIEROGLYPHIC= used for Greek writing.
  Used for Greek communication
  Derived from Greek

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