What Does Neanderthal Mean?


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The word Neanderthal is formed of two words: Neander and thal. The word Neander is taken from the Neander Valley located in Germany. The word 'thal' is an Old word in German language. It means 'valley'. This word neanderthal came to be used when the fossils were found in the Foldhofer Caves here at Neander Valley. Neanderthal is also spelt as Neandertal. Neanderthal was a species of humans believed to exist during the late Pleistocene Era. The fossils of this species were found in many parts of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. This species was scientifically named Homo neandertahlis. As a subspecies, it was classified as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. A person who belongs to this species is called Neanderthal.

When someone is rude, unpleasant and boorish, he is termed as Neanderthal. Such person does not behave in a socially acceptable manner. This is a slang use of the word neanderthal. Neanderthal is also used as an adjective and refers to anything that is related to Neanderthals.

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