What Does Plantagenet Mean?


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Plantagenet refers to the family name of a series of British kings right from Henry II up till Richard III, namely from the year 1154 to up to the year 1485.

The House of Anjou was the dynasty that was founded by the counts and viscounts from Angers at the start of the tenth century. It stopped existing in the male line in the year 1060, but was passed to a female heiress by the House of Gatinais. They began to hold both Anjou and Maine by the beginning of the twelfth century. This became to be known as the primary royal Angevin dynasty, which began to be known as the Plantagenet dynasty in Britain from the twelfth century onward.

The name 'Plantagenet' has originated from the broom flower that is the planta genesta. This name was adopted as the father of King Henry II had starting using it as the emblem, also sporting a sprig of the same plant.

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