What Does Midas Mean?


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Midas was the name of the mythical king of Phrygia who was blessed by Dionysus with the power to turn every object he touched into gold. The greedy king lived in the city pf Pessinus in Phrygia in the Asia Minor region. As a child, King Midas was adopted by Gordias and Cybele. He was known for being a hedonist. He maintained a beautiful rose garden. He had one son named Lityerses.

The Midas touch is a phrase that has come into the English language. This expression roughly means someone who is able to achieve great success or fame at whatever he or she tries his or her hand.

King Midas considered Cybele, the goddess who adopted him as child, as his consort. His son Lityerses was the demonic reaper of men according to Iliad, the book which was written by Homer. However, in some accounts of the myth, Midas was believed to have a daughter named Zoƫ, whose name was translated as life in English, instead of a son.

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