What Does Neolithic Mean?


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The word Neolithic is defined as an Old World chronological time period. It was characterised by the development of agriculture. During this period, therefore, there was an increasing emphasis on sedentism. It was the latest phase of the Stone Age. It is also known as the New Stone Age. During this period, people used advanced tools and weapons made of refined and polished stone. Modern plants and animals also existed during the Neolithic Age.

This was the period during which the transition from the hunter-gatherer culture in the Old World to the sedentary lifestyle took place. The focus during the Neolithic Age was mainly on agriculture. Crops were cultivated and animals were domesticated during this period. It was a period that comprised the 4, 000 years between the year 7000 B.C. and the year 3000 B.C. People during the Neolithic Age lived in caves and constructed their simple homes using wattles and daub, combined with timber and stones. The Stonehenge is a monument made of large erected stones, which are also known as megaliths.

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