How do you say "I Want to Make Love to You" in Italian?


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The expression 'to make love' in Italian is fare l'amore (or literally to "do the love"), while to tell someone that you want to make love to them, you'd say: voglio fare l'amore con te.

In any language, there are usually a number of ways to express the same idea, and the choices available in order to say, 'to make love' in Italian are numerous enough to fill a book. Fare l'amore is probably the preferred choice, and fare il sesso is another common expression. If you wanted to make love to someone, one option would be to invite them to "sleep with you", which would be vuoi dormire con me? in Italian.

Scopare is a more colloquial, and slightly risqué way of referring to love making; interestingly this verb also means to sweep with a broom. If you were intent on using the verb scopare on your quest to woo, you would say "ti voglio scopare" or "vuoi scopare?" Caution is advised when using 'scopare' though, as it may be more likely to result in a *schiaffo*or slap on the face than a night of passion. 

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'Make love to me' in Italian is 'Faccia l'amore me'. You can easily obtain a translation of sentences in English to Italian, Greek, French and vice versa by consulting this link:
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