How Do You Say 'My Love' To An Italian Woman?


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The translation of the expression 'my love' into Italian is amore mio. It's a phrase commonly used between people in a relationship, and can be directed at both males and females. Many Italian couples also opt to drop the mio pronoun and simply refer to each other as amore or 'love'.

The Italian word for love is amore and, as a noun, abides by the grammatical convention of all Italian nouns in having grammatical gender.

This means that, regardless of the gender of the person you are directing the expression to, the noun retains its gender (masculine in this case) and triggers inflections on all associated words.

The associated word in this instance is the pronoun mio which is the equivalent of 'mine' in English. Whilst in English you can say 'my apple, and my horse' the Italian equivalent would be mia mela, e mio cavallo - with the pronoun changing dependant on the gender of the noun it preceeds.

Popular Uses of the Phrase Amore Mio
Like many Italian phrases relating to love, the phrase amore mio is the title of a number of songs by various Italian artists. Amongst them is this well-known hit by the singer Gigi D'Alessio.

Outside of Italy, the phrase amore mio has been used as something of an 'export phrase' relied upon to endow various products with the sense of romanticism and passion for which Italian culture is renowned. A host of foreign businesses have adopted the name amore mio, including a reasonably priced Italian restaurant in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and a bridal-wear shop in Co. Clare, Ireland.

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