How Do You Say The Word "Has" In French?


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The word "has" is a conjugation of the verb "have".

The French equivalent is "avoir," so the conjugation would go like this:
  • I have a cat = J'ai un chat
  • We have two dogs = Nous avons deux chiens
  • You have some bread = Tu as du pain
  • You have some children (formal or plural) = Vous avez des enfants

More ways to say has in French:
  • He has a big nose = Il a un grand nez
  • She has a pretty skirt = Elle a une belle jupe
  • One has a boat (used collectively as an informal version of 'nous') = On a un bateau
  • They have horses = Ils/elles ont des chevaux
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chen lyfen answered
It's "avoir" which means to have, it agrees with gender and plural of a noun ex :I have a book :" J' ai un livre" and we have a book : " Nous avons un livre "
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It depends on who the owner is. Has is part of the French verb "Avoir" (to have) which is irregular so how you say it depends on the number of people, and the gender you are talking about (just like in English).
I (ai)
you (a)
he/she (a)
We (avons)
You (plural) (avez)
They (ont)

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