What Is The French Word For 'Name'?


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The French word for “name” is nom.

However, you wouldn’t say mon nom est for “my name is” – the only time that’s ever used is in the James Bond movies, where he says “Mon nom est Bond, James Bond.”

Other French Words And Phrases Related To Names

  • Comment tu t’appelle? = “What’s your name?”
  • Je m’appelle… = “My name is…”
  • Prénom = “First name”
  • Nom = “Name” (often last name)
  • Nommer = “To name”
  • J’ai nommé une étoile = “I named a star”
If you ever have to fill in paperwork in France, it’s important to remember that the French put their last name before their first name on written documents  - usually, you’ll be asked for your nom before your prénom, so don’t get them confused!

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