What Does The Word "Deuce" Mean?


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Deuce generally refers to the number two. It also refers to a throw of dice adding together as two. It is also referred to as a tied score in tennis, wherein every player or a side has 40 points or 5 or extra games, and one player or side have to win 2 succeeding points to win the game, or 2 succeeding games to win the set. In order words the term is used to make the score of a tennis game or even a set.

The word deuce is derived from the Middle English deus, from Old French, two, from Latin du s.

It also refers to as a term "Deuce - deuce and a half." this term usually given to a woman who weighs anywhere close to 200 & 250 pounds.
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The word "Deuce" is used commonly by teenagers. It is used as a sort of slang word meaning "peace" or "truce"
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The number 2
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Deuce may come from the French word: Deuce which has been used in Tennis. When the stand is equal lets say: 40 and 40 then there is a deuce (equality).
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Deuce is a term that is another word for deduce. I have deduced the fact that.....

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Deuce has various meanings.

Deuce is referred to a type of playing card. Deuce is considered as one of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots.

In sports such as Lawn tennis, badminton as well as table tennis, its meaning refers to a tie between the two players wherein any one player out of the two has to win successive two points to win a game after the tie.

Deuce is used an exclamation in times of confusion and is also referred to the devil.

Deuce is also considered as number 2, the cardinal number of the sum of one and one or a numerical that represents this number. Deuce is cast of dices totalling two.

Deuce was also the earliest available computers in Britain for commercial purposes and was built by English Electric in the early 1950's.

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