What Is The Word, 'Stroll' In French?


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Hey, man! The term you’re looking for is “se promener” or “promenade,” depending on whether you’re after the verb or the noun. The noun is female in French, so you'd say "une promenade" rather than "un promenade."

How To Use The Verb

  • Je me promène = I stroll
  • Tu te promènes = you stroll
  • Il/elle/on se promène = he/she/one strolls
  • Nous nous promènons = we stroll
  • Vous vous promènez = you (plural or formal singular) stroll
  • Ils/elles se promènent = they stroll
How To Use The Noun

  • J’ai fait une promenade = I took a stroll
  • Tu as fait une promenade = you took a stroll
  • Il/elle/on a fait une promenade = he/she/one took a stroll
  • Nous avons fait une promenade = we took a stroll
  • Vous avez fait une promenade = you (plural or formal singular) took a stroll
  • Ils/elles ont fait une promenade = they took a stroll
Alternative Verbs If you don't want to use "se promener," you could always use "marcher" instead. It's pretty much the same thing, but "marcher" is closer to "walk" than it is "stroll."

Hope that helps you, dude!
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Rajesh Shri answered
The noun form of the word 'stroll' in French is 'promenade'; the word being feminine is written as 'la promenade' or 'une promenade' with a definite (la) or indefinite article (une) as may be the case.

The verb 'to stroll' can be translated in two ways in French as 'marcher' and 'se promener' which is the reflexive form of the verb known as a pronominal verb in French; another closely related contextual translation of the verb 'to stroll' in French is 'deambuler' which could also mean 'to wander' or 'walk around'.

Some other translations of the word stroll are 'balade' and 'marche' both of which are feminine.

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