How Do You Say Money In Different Languages?


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How to say the word money in a few different languages can be found below:

  • Afrikaans: Geld
  • Bulgarian: Napn
  • Chinese: Qian
  • Croatian: Novac
  • Danish: Penge
  • Japanese: Okane

A really great site to visit is Google has a translation page that provides you with the ability to translate from any given language into the one you speak. For example, the page will come up with from and to. If you have the English Google up it will assume you want to translate from something else into English. You can change this around so that you can translate an English word into a different language.

Not only do you get to translate the word but you also get to hear it spoken. All you have to do is click on the 'Listen' tab and it will say the word for you. In most cases the word will come up and tell you if it is a noun, verb or other type of word.

If you are still unsure of the word when it is spoken aloud by the 'Listen' tab, you can also have it read phonetically. In this case it just shows you the word and how it would be spelled in the English alphabet; in order to help you read it phonetically.

For example, consider the Chinese word. It sounds like Qian, but Google actually gives you the Kanji characters. The Qi can also sound like a Chi all in one, so it is important to listen to the word and also have it spelled out phonetically when there are symbols like Kanji in the mix.

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