What Is A Canapés And How Do I Pronounce It?i Come From A Non English Speaking Background. Help Pls.


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Can a pe` (ka-ne-pee) is a piece of bread or toast or a cracker topped with a savory food.
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Canapés is the world which is used as plural in English and it came from the French language into the English language. The singular of the word canapés would be canapé.
It is important to note that this means a small piece of bread or toast which would be served as an appetizer to the people.

So canapé means that the piece of some bread or toast which has some cheese, meat or relish spread on it so that it can expiate the hunger of a person at some level.
This word would not pr pronounced as "canapeee" it would be the wrong pronunciation of this word. But the correct pronunciation of this word must be "canap-e" or you can also pronounce it in some French accent and it would be pronounced as "canapey". For more correct pronunciation and sound you can consider some talking dictionary which is easily available in the form of software like Oxford Talking Dictionary. I hope now you can understand the meaning of this word and you can also pronounce it correctly.
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Thanks seeme!!! That really helps.

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