What Does Talon Mean?


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Talon means the claw of a bird or animal of pray.
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The word 'talon' basically refers to the claw of a bird or an animal of prey. It has been derived from the Middle English word 'taloun', which in turn has been derived from the Old French word 'talon' meaning heel, from the Latin word talus meaning ankle as well.

The Eagle Talon is the name of a passenger sports car that was manufactured by the Eagle unit by Chrysler and Mitsubishi Motors as a collaborative attempt. The Eagle Talon frequently sold more than its counterparts, until Eagle as a division was discontinued in the year 1998.

The Talon is still popular owing to its very powerful turbocharged engine called as the 4G63. This engine is used in the Mitsubishi Evolution as well. The sister models of the Talon were called as the Eclipse and the Laser.

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