What Does Rowdy Mean?


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The word rowdy refers to a person who is rough or disorderly. It means a person who is generally rough and violent and whose behaviour is generally destructive. A person who is rowdy can be said to be loud and rough and one who disturbs the peace. A brutal and cruel person can also be described as being rowdy. Synonyms of rowdy include raucous, hooligan, bully, tough, yob, yobbo, roughneck, ruffian etc. and antonyms of rowdy include moderate, restrained, quiet, calm and peaceful.

Rowdy or Rowdy the Roadrunner is also the name of the mascot of San Antonio based University of Texas. The mascot is of a navy blue colour, with its beak, tail and talons the customary orange-brown shade and wearing a jersey with UTSA written across it.
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Rowdy means  a great person or someone who will work there ass off.
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It means noisy

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