What Is The Full Form Of NIL?


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NIL is an abbreviation for the term Nanoimprint Lithography. NIL is the way the future of the science of lithography is headed. There is already significant work being done in this field. In NIL, the pattern-creating tool that is used, unlike in the traditional form of lithography, is a mechanical template.

Of late, with the gigantic strides we are making in technology, one of the hottest areas of technology and development is to work at the 'nano-level'. Nanotechnology is the way for the future, and will yield highly futuristic products in the very near future. Besides lithography, we are already seeing the usage of nanotechnology in the field of semiconductors and chip manufacturing. Nanotechnology itself is essentially the construction of various systems that help in the basic functioning of devices and applications not at the component level but at the molecular level. Nanotechnology is soon going to be the principle for most application and system development.

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