"You Make My Day." When Does One Use This Expression? And How Should One Respond To It?


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'You make my day!' is a wonderful compliment, and it should always and only, be used in a genuine way.
The meaning of this phrase or saying, is: you make my day wonderful or better, but we have shortened it to simply say. 'you make my day.'
It should be used whenever someone has done something kind, thoughtful and unexpected. It can also be used to those close to us and family members, when we want to express our love and affection for them.
Saying you make my day, should not be used glibly, but with feeling and heartfelt sentiment.
Then the person will feel cherished and appreciated for who they are. In this situation both people come away richer, both the giver of the compliment, and the receiver.
You will often hear this exchange between good friends who hear from each other after a long while. Or lovers who get an unexpected surprise from each other.
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Thanks a lot for your kind help. Let me please come to you for more resources in the future.
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I guess it is sort of an expression when someone did something  good to you, and you want to thank him/her and you really appreciate it :D so you say: " thanks buddy!!! You just make my day" :)

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