What Does Jaeger Mean?


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Jaeger is a sea bird. It is also known as Skuas or the Artic gull. They belong to the family Stercorariidae. The name Jaeger is of Germanic origin and it means hunter. It is rapacious in nature. It chases smaller birds and makes them drop their prey and then feeds on that prey. There are some of these species in the Atlantic Coast. They follow birds like gulls and force them to disgorge their food.

These birds have two middle tail feathers that are longer than the rest and it is one of the most distinctive features of jaegers. It is also known by the name of boatswain and marline-spike bird. They are stocky and muscular in appearance. They have hawk like feature with their strong hooked bills and sharp, curved talons. They are very good and tireless flyers.

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