How do i say you are a great person in french?


4 Answers

Richard Scott Profile
Richard Scott answered
Vous etes une personne tres.
Beth Jayne Profile
Beth Jayne answered
This is as close as I could find "vous êtes une bonne personne" I found it on google translate, it means you are a GOOD person, you are a great person didnt translate back right so I changed it to good. I hope this helps
Robert Cooper Profile
Robert Cooper answered
It can't be "vous etes," unless its formal I guess. "vous etes" is plural, "tu es" means "you are" to one person.

Also, it depends on what you are try to say and to whom. I don't think a French person would say "you're a great person" to mean the same thing Americans might mean. I just don't think they'd say it ever. Maybe "tu es un bon homme/une bonne femme" but probably not. Probably just "tu es" ....some positive adjective.

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