How Do You Say 'I Love You My Sweet Beauty' In French?


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Unfortunately, the phrase "I love you, my sweet beauty" does not translate very well into French on a word-for-word basis, but if you want to express your love for someone, these are perhaps the best ways of doing so:

“Je t’aime mon amour”- This is the most common: It translates literally as “I love you, my love.” This does sound a little strange in English as the word “love” is used twice in one sentence, but in French the same thing does not apply.

“Je t’aime beaucoup ma/mon chérie” – This translates roughly as “I love you very much, sweetheart.” Use “ma” for a female and “mon” for a male.

Be careful when using online translators, as they will often suggest the polite, formal version of “you,” which is “vous.” This is what you would say to a teacher, a boss, or an older relative. It also happens to be the plural of “you” in French. "Tu" would be used instead of "vous" when addressing someone you are close to.

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The term you can use if you want to express your feelings for your love in French is 'je vous aime ma beaute douce' and the term is the translation of the English term 'I love you my sweet beauty'.

Britain and France are long time friends and you are adding another aspect in the friendship of the two countries. Though the two countries have had fight sometimes, even married couples fight at sometimes in their life. At the core of their life philosophy the two countries are the same and we wish that you add another bond in the friendship of the countries by tying the nuptial knot to the person for whom you are expressing the words. So go ahead and express your feelings to the love of your life.
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How do say or express affection for a young woman?
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Kiss her....hug her. Hold her hand......ask her out.....if you're already going out tell her how you feel.....write a poem or a song for her a stuffed animal at a carnival.......or fair.......hope this helps :)

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