How To Say "Are You Busy" In Arabic?


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Arabic is a difficult language to translate, as not only does the language have a male and female version, but it also now uses classic language and slang versions.

The slang version is what is mainly used in everyday conversation, such as if you were taking to a friend or someone that you know well. The classic Arabic is what is used in books or in more formal situations.

So to say 'are you busy' in classic Arabic is:

Male: Hal anta meshgool

Female: Hal ente meshgoola

If you wish to use the slang translation then it is:

Male: Enta mashgool

Female: Enti meshgoole

I think it is more likely that you will need to use the slang translation, as this is what is most commonly used. If you use the classic Arabic in conversation with a friend, then it is likely to sound quite strange.

Because of these complications in the Arabic language, I would advise against using a free internet translation service to translate a passage of text, as it is likely to have some mistakes.

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