What Does Priory Mean?


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A priory basically is a monastery or monastic dependency whose higher version is given the title or prior. The Dominicans, Augustinians Hermits, Carthusians, Carmelites, Servites as well as the Brother of Mercy usually address their monasteries as priories.

The Benedictines and their derivatives which are the Premonstratensians as well as the military orders differentiate amid conventual and plain or obedientiary priories. Conventual priories are those independent houses having no abbots, moreover because the canonically essential number of twelve monks has not been attained for some other reason.

The Congregation of Cluny has a number of conventual priories. Similarly there were a number of conventual priories in Germany as well as in Italy all throughout the Middle Ages, where as in England all monasteries involved with the cathedral were referred to as cathedral priories.

Most of the monasteries of the well known Maurist Congregation in France were known as priories. Currently the Benedict arrangement has an estimated twenty-seven conventual priories.

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