What Does Fact Mean?


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Fact, in philosophy means the relationship shared between two non-trivially true proclamation and specifics is one of the regions of epistemology. It is any of the non-trivial statements which concerns about reality and is importantly an abstract that has been done or can be called as an action in process. It is an event that has taken place actually and has the distinguished characteristic of suspicion, insinuation or supposition. It is a truth which is opposed to a fiction or mistake. It is something that is the case. It is reported by a true statement in the state of affairs.

The example of fact can be taken as the case of a trial. During a trial, the fact has been left with the jury after both the opposing sides have presented the case.
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Fact means that if you had to write about your self then you would have to define your self which means you would have to tell about your self. You could say that I have brown hair and green eyes and I own three or for dogs.

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