What Does W.A.S.P Mean?


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White-Angelo Saxon Protestant
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W.A.S.P was formed in the year 1982; it is a Heavy Metal band from the United States of America. The band became famous for its 'Shock Rock' image. Their music and live performances gained popularity as they caught the eye of the American teenagers; they were famous for their notorious behaviour on stage. The band was formed in the city of Los Angeles in California. In the early days WASP comprised of Blackie Lawless, Randy Piper, Tony Richards and Randy Piper.

Some people believed that W.A.S.P stands for 'We Are Sexual Perverts' or 'We Are Satan's Preachers'. Some people even go far enough to interpret it as 'We Are Satan's People'.

When asked Blackie Lawless about the meanings of WASP he simply quoted "We Ain't Sure Pal".

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