What Does Indurated Mean?


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Indurated is defined a something that is firm, cemented or hardened, most commonly used in reference to soils or sedimentary rocks. Hardened clay is called indurated clay.

Sedimentary rock is one of the three basic categories of rocks. The other two are igneous and metamorphic. They are those rocks which are recycled. They are usually made out of materials and other rocks or organic remains like shell debris or shells. Fossils are the organic parts of sedimentary rocks. Some examples of sedimentary rocks include Limestone, shale, chalk, clay and sandstone. Sedimentary rocks are divided in to three subcategories precipitate, biogenic and clastic. Clastic rocks are those rocks which are made up of fragments or shards of materials from other rocks. Biogenic rocks contain materials like corals, foraminifera and mollusks. Precipitate rocks are formed when mineral liquids like sea water evaporate.

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