What Does The Word Seolfor Mean?


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The Old English Anglo Saxon word 'seolfor' means silver. It is actually the word from which the name silver is derived.

Silver is a chemical element and a precious metal. Its chemical symbol is Ag (from the Latin word argentum which means silver). It is a soft lustrous transition metal and has the highest thermal and electrical conductivity for a metal. It occurs both in the free form and in the mineral form. It is used extensively in jewellery making- especially necklaces, bangles and earrings and in some cultures toe rings and anklets. It is also used in making coins, mirrors, photography, and tableware- for instance silver spoons, forks, bowls and candlesticks.

Silver plays no known role in human biology and the consumption of pure silver is not known to be fatal. However while silver itself is not really toxic, most silver salts are very toxic and some are even carcinogenic.

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