What Does The Word Satyr Mean?


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Satyr is a Greek word descriptive of the companions of Dionysius and Pan. They were young humans, with possibly horse ears that inhabited mountains and woods. They are associated with a usually high male libido in Greek and Roman mythology. This explains why most sculptures depict them with erections.

In mythology these satyrs rather small human creatures that were loyal companions of Dionysius. Their leader was Silenus who was a minor deity who was linked to fertility. Many of them are found in the satyr skits like Euripedes' Cyclops and The Searching Satyrs by Sophocles. History records that the tragic playwright Aeschylus was renowned for his masterful satyr plays but unfortunately none have survived.
Satyrs have been the subject of much ancient Greek Art. Here they were depicted as being exceptionally ugly and old looking. Later however they were more aptly depicted as young, graceful and savage.

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