What Does Mignon Mean?


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Mignon means cute in french. It is a masculant form , mignonne is the feminine version.
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Mignon is the French version of the word 'minion'. This word is documented in the English language since the year 1501. It refers to one that is a low dependant of someone. It refers to a sort of a sidekick, someone who is always lagging along like a follower. Alternatively, it is also used to refer to someone who is a favourite, a spoiled individual. It did not have derogatory overtones till the seventeenth century.

In modern English however, the word is used to denote an individual of a lower rank or order. This kind of reference is mostly used in context with co-workers or subordinates.

The phrase 'Les Mignons' was used to describe the most favoured persons of Henry III of France, which mainly constituted of flamboyant and trendy young men.
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Mignon/Mignonne is used to describe someone that is unique or petite or special. It does not have derogatory meanings. Hence it being used to describe one the the finest cuts of steak you can get. For the most part it is now used to describe a cute child or someone with a small stature.

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