What Does Eden Mean?


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My name is eden and I believe that it does mean Paradise because my mom told me that it did when I was about six or seven and when I looked up in the dictionary I saw it meant paradise too I think and when I looked it up on a different website it said the same thing so I believe everyone who says so. =)
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The word "Eden" is used mainly in reference to the Garden of Eden, mentioned in the Bible. Eden was the first home of man and woman. The mention of Eden is in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 2:10. The Garden of Eden had the knowledge of good and evil and trees of life. Adam and Eve were not supposed to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Given to the temptation from Satan, Eve ate the forbidden fruit and shared it with Adam. God, who was enraged at this act of disobedience or the first act of sin, banished both Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Eden figuratively is also a term applied for a place or state which fosters contentment and peace. The synonym often used for Eden is "paradise." Some one who is in a state of child-like innocence or bliss is said to be "in Eden." There is a lot of argument with the location of Eden on earth. While some claim the place to be in Sri Lanka (Adam's peak) there are some who believe that Eden existed in Missouri. There are some who vouch for the existence of Eden in Florida. Some people also believe that Eden actually did not have a physical existence; it was just a spiritual place adjunct to heaven.

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