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Lea is derived from the Old English word, which means "clearing", an "open piece of grassland" or a "grove". The word is usually the name given to any boy or girl. It basically roots down to the Hawaiian origin and the mythology as the goddess of canoe makers. The 3 variant forms of this name are Leah, Leilani and Lia. Some of the famous personalities in the field of music are Lea (singer), R&B soubrette and Lea DeLaria, US comedian, actor, and jazz musician.
In terms of geography it refers to various places are Albert Lea (Minnesota), Albert Lea Township (Minnesota), Lea (Derbyshire), Lea (Lancashire), Lea (Lincolnshire) and Lea (Wiltshire).
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Lea is a very popular female first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). Although Lea is popular name for girl but it is also used as boy's name(not popularly). It is of Hawaiian origin and has its usage in Hebrew, Assyrian and English. The English and Hebrew meaning of name Lea is meadow, Hawaiian meaning of name Lea is mythological goddess of canoe builders. In Assyrian origin, Lea means Ruler. Lea is also Spanish form of name Leah.
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