What Does Holler Mean?


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Holler means to shout loudly in pain, anger or for any other reason. It is a loud noise that sounds like a bellow. Thus it means to yell loudly. It also means to complain about something or gripe. It is a loud utterance and often has similarities to the sound of animals. Bawl, bellow, bluster, call, clamour, cry, halloo, roar, shout, vociferate, whoop, yawp, yell etc are some of the words with similar meanings. It is a colloquial term and originated during the 16th century. It was derived from the French word Hola which meant stop. It is a verb.

But it also means a valley between the mountains as per Appalachian English. Thus it means hollow in this context. It is a regional term here and is not used for the same meaning anywhere else. This word is a noun in this context.
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It can mean to shout LOUDLY.

But it can almost mean to hit you up, as in holler @ me, to chat & stuff.

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