What Does Cursed Mean?


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The word cursed means someone or something that deserves a curse. It is sometimes used to increase the intensity of a matter or even to threaten a person. It is a common tactic employed by people who claim to be healers and other spiritual people to emotionally blackmail gullible people into doing something or face the dire consequences of not doing it. It is easy to take gullible people for a ride and cursing is one of the common ways to do it.

A cursed person is also a person who faces the risk or is in danger of facing the punishment of going to hell when he or she dies, which is an eternal or extreme form of punishment. A curse is a prayer in which the person who is praying asks God or a similar spirit (an embodiment or avatar of God) to bring misfortune to somebody else, usually a rival or enemy. It is also known as an imprecation or execration. The word curse is the opposite of the words blessing or charm.

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