What Does Plume Mean?


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A decorative feather or a bunch of smoke an example would be smoke coming out of a space shuttle after liftoff. :) :p :B :o :D
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The word plume has several alternate different meanings. A plume could mean a feather or a cluster of feathers worn as an accessory usually used to decorate a cap. For instance 'The Lord of the Manor wore a rich purple plume on his hat'.

In American lingo, Plume may mean overcharge or cheat someone. Plume may also mean decorate something with a plume. Alternatively plume may indicate form the shape of a plume, for example, 'The mine chimneys plumed the already bleak sky' or 'The car's engine was pluming smoke'.

There is also a Canadian singer called Plume Latraverse who hails from Quebec. There is also a French band called Plume which specializes in punk rock. Certain birds like for example, the African Cockatoo, have multicoloured plumes. In addition there is an American book publishing company called Plume- which is currently a division under the popular Penguin Group.

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