What Does R.O.A.R. Mean?


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R.O.A.R. can be an acronym or an abbreviation of a number of things. The most common or widely used meaning is "Right of Admission Reserved" or "Right of Admission Refusal". It is a phrase widely used by commercial establishments and other organisations that reserve the right to admit or refuse admission of any one wanting to enter. For instance a charitable library or an elite golf club may have open membership for all but may reserve the right not to admit a particular patron. The decision to refuse is arbitrary and at the discretion of the establishment.

ROAR may be an abbreviation for Radio Operated Auto Racing which is the body that sanctions racing in Canada and the United States of Remote controlled cars. ROAR can also refer to the Boston based group "Restore Our Alienated Rights".
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It is when You or someone Gets Roared and Pee their Pants. Example: There is a kid named Collin at my school. We Said any random words, 2 each and agree on 1. We agreed on ROAR, to scare people. So That is what it means.

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