What Does Premise Mean?


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A premise is the idea or fact you have to argue your side in a discussion.
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The word premise has its origin in Latin and is taken form the word praemittere. Then, it was modified by the Old French and Medieval Latin. Middle English adapted it as premisse. A premise is a proposition which serves as a base for a conclusion to be drawn or for an argument. The proposition could major or a minor proposition. Thus, the premise is also termed major or minor proposition. Thus, it is a theory, thesis, postulate, presupposition, supposition and postulation. For example: his reasoning is based on the premise that all men are capable of good and evil.

Land or buildings on it are also called premises. It could also mean the area surrounding a building. Premise is also used as a noun. When one premises something, he states it before any explanation. To state or assume something as an assumption is 'to premise'.
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Premise means a conclusion

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