What Does Sex Mean In Italian ?


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The Italian word for sex is sesso, and the act of making love can, like in most languages, be described in a number of ways; from the phrase 'fare l'amore' (to make love), through to the more scientific copulare, and in a number of more explicit ways...

Sex plays an important part in Italian society and the attitude Italians have to sex, collectively, can be markedly different from the approach of other countries.

In fact, Italy makes an interesting study in sexuality as it is somewhat of a fault line; the liberal, hot-blooded Italy portrayed by scantily clad TV show hosts and the infamous Italian 'playboy' lifestyle being just as relevant as Italy's more conservative, family-orientated and Catholic heritage.

One interesting publication in the field is the book 'La sessualità degli Italiani' by Marzio Barbagli, Giampiero Dalla Zuanna, and Franco Garelli, in which they explore the ever-developing role of sexuality in Italian culture.

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I imagine the same as it means in any other language, two people together.

If you are asking what the word is in Italian for sex, that is another matter.

The word is sesso, or fare l' amore is the more genteel term.

If you are talking  with someone unknown to you, in a language you don't understand, this could be quite dangerous. Perhaps you should buy an Italian dictionary so at least you know what the basics of life are, that way you can have a normal conversation, about other things at least.

so then you can say, Buona Sera!  Good evening.

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