What Does Thug Love Mean?


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Okay, "thug" doesn't mean bad. "Thug" is slang for a type of style. Thug love is love from someone of that urban thug style. Not all "thugs" are bad. Not everything should be taken so literally.
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A friend just described it to me like this: Thug love is when you physically assault your partner, give her a sexually transmitted disease, steal her money, have sex with her friend, stay away for long periods of time, and then show up with a gold tooth and stolen flowers (from a cemetery) and say "I love you baby, come on, don't be like that."
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Wow I'm guessing everyone on here really are nerds?   I hate to be so judgemental but I suppose everyone is too. Thug love means a variety of   things such as : 1. A "Thug" Being "bad" and all showing love to his family friends or close ones, maybe by using the money he made while selling drugs to buy them somethign nice maybe pay for a college tuition or 2. Thug love is a love hate relationship between "thugs" 3. "Thug love" with the opposite sex is someone who is always rde mean curses a lot but totally changes for his loved one, and there are a lot of translation and forms to be used but listen to some good ol tupa "THUG LOVE" and you will understand more.
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Thug Love is not "A thug trying to get with a girl just to have ". Not all thugs are like that. I'm dating a thug and he treats me just fine. He buys me things and tells me he loves me. Not all thugs sell drugs. (My thug doesn't). It's just their way of life. "Thug Love is when you're going to hold your man down thru ups and downs"... Many reasons, but this is mines. Cus I LOVE MY THUG ! So BURR !
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I hope you know what a Thug is ( a bad person ) . Allot of girls are attracted to the bad boys an till thy get hurt, only then thy realise that that was wrong .Thug love means that you are attracted to a bad boy .
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To me thug love is when some thug meets a girl that he thinks is hot. He doesn't care about her feelings or her life. He just wants to climb into bed with her.

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