What Does Ménage Mean?


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It depends what language you're talking about. In French and English, the word on its own means 'household', but you most commonly hear it in English in the expression 'menage à trois', which comes from French and means 'threesome'.
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The word ménage comes from the French. It is from the Old French word "mesnage" and was influenced by the word "maisnie" meaning family. The word it derives from is "maneir" meaning "to stay" taken from the Latin "manere" meaning "to remain".

Ménage means a household or people who form a unit by living together. It can also refer to a household's management. It can be defined as a social unit cohabitating and its synonyms include house, household, family and home.

A common spin off of the word is "ménage a trios" which means a domestic arrangement which involves three people, often consisting of a husband and wife and an additional lover being part of a sexual relationship. The French term can be translated as "household of three".

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