What Does Forte Mean?


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The word 'forte' originated in Latin and is taken from the word 'fortis.' It was then taken into the Old French as a word meaning 'strong or strength'. Later, it was adapted by the French as a fort. Forte is a noun and is described as something in which a person excels. For example: fictional writing was his forte. This explains that the person referred here was very good at writing fictional stories. Another example: white water rafting is my forte.

The part of a sword blade which is between the middle and hilt is also known as forte. It is a strong part of the sword blade. The word forte has two pronunciations- one syllable and two-syllable pronunciation. Some of the words that are synonymous to forte are: specialty, strong point, strong suit, long suit, ability, ableness, aptitude, bag, competence, effectiveness, eminency, m├ętier, strength, effectiveness and efficiency.

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