How Do You Say Sorry In Italian?


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According to various pop songs, 'sorry' is one of the hardest words to say. Luckily for Italian speakers, there are a number of ways to say sorry which should make it a little bit easier.

The most basic way of saying sorry is mi dispiace which comes from the verb dispiacere or displease. This phrase has a multitude of roles, but is most commonly used to say 'I'm sorry' or 'I regret'.

For example, mi dispiace per l'inconveniente means 'I'm sorry for the inconvenience'.

A more formal way of expressing sorrow is sono spiacente or simply spiacente which comes from the same root as dispiacere.

Sometimes, even Mi dispiace can sound quite heavy, so if you're apologizing for a minor indiscretion, for example bumping into someone whilst walking, you might say something like mi scusi, scusa or scuasmi which are all equivalents of the English 'excuse me'.

Finally, you could also just skip the sorry part and go straight to asking for forgiveness with *perdonami*which translates into 'pardon me' but can be used in the same way as both 'forgive me' or 'I beg your pardon'.

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Sorry as in 'excuse me' is translated as= 'scusa' or 'scusarme'.
Sorry as in 'I feel sorry for you' or "I'm sorry I have to tell you'= 'dispiacere'
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"Scusarme" is not Italian. Perhaps you meant "scusami" or "scusatemi" or "scusi" or "scusino", each one within its proper social scene. "Dispiacere" is just a noun meaning "displeasure".
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Sorry in italian is : " Scusa" and "Scusami"
"Scusa" is more popular, but you can use both

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If you are not on confidential terms with the person (or don't know him/her) you have to say "(mi) scusi".
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Okay brumon let the italian talk.
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"Sorry" in Italian is translated as "Spiacente". For more help or word translation go to following site. This sure will help

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