What Does Grace Mean In Italian, French, Spanish And Greek?


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The name Grace is popular around the world, and for this reason appears in different forms and languages.

Italian- In Italian the name Grace is Grazia although there are a host of variants including Graziella, Graziosa and Graziana

French-  The French equivalent for the name Grace is Grâce (pronounced grah-ss).

Spanish- In Spanish, the two main variants are Gracia and Graciela.

Meaning and origin of the name Grace

The origin of the given name Grace is the Latin gratia which means something like 'effortless beauty'. The term is commonly used in the context of 'divine grace' when talking about the grace of God, which is one reason the name is so popular in Christian countries.

Many people look to pay their respects to God for having gifted them a child by naming the child in tribute to God's kindness and grace.

Notable people with the name Grace

The American actress Grace Kelly (who went on to became Princess Grace of Monaco) is one of the most notable people bearing the name Grace in modern times. Grace Jones is the name of a Jamaican singer, actress and model born in 1948, and a less popular example would be Grace Mugabe, the current first lady of Zimbabwe due to her marriage to controversial president Robert Mugabe.

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