What Does Prosodic Mean?


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The word prosodic is defined as something which indicates stress, emphasis or intonation. It means something which is of or related to the rhythmic aspect of language or to the suprasegmental phonemes of pitch, stress, juncture, nasalisation and voicing. It is the adjective form of the word prosody.

The word prosody is defined as the study of the metrical system of verse. It is basically defined as a particular system of versification. The plural form of the singular noun prosody is prosodies. It is derived from the Middle English word prosodie. This word, in turn, has been derived from the Latin word prosodia, which has, in turn, been derived from the Greek word prosoidia, which means a song which is sung to music or an accent.

It is a combination of two words, namely the word pros, which means the prefix pros and the word oide, which means song. The adverb form of prosodic is the word prosodically and the noun form of the word prosodic, which means a person who pays attention to prosodies, is known as a prosodist.

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