What Does O.k. Stand For?


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I believe it stands for "oll korrect". They're the result of a fad for comical abbreviations that flourished in the late 1830's and 1840's. I hope you find enlightenment for your question tigger.
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Many here note that today, the abbreviation stands for the word okay.
But if you are looking for origins or etymology, while the etymology that Zexion cites is perhaps the most argued for,  the word has multiple suggested origins, including Germanic derivation (ohne Korrectur--"without correction"), used in manuscript and newspaper approvals even before the 1800s.
So experts disagree as to origins, though personally I believe there is good support for its origin in the US being one in which the language of African slaves from western Africa (language was Wolof) was adopted and transformed, as their phrase "way-kay"--sounds quite similar in pro0nunciation, and "waw" means "yes" and the suffix "-kay" or "-kai" adds emphasis. A simplistic word-for-word translation of "wawkay" is "yes [emphatically]" or "yes, indeed"; but better  translations would be "I agree", "I'll comply", "that's good", "that's right", or "all correct". Instances of use and pronunciation to OK by non-Africans is documented earlier than the "oll korrect" derivation. 
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O.K. Is simply ab abbreviation for Okay.
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OK stands for approved or approval,authorize etc in the english language,it is a short way to say you agree,or approve of something.
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It stands for oll korrect, which I believe is suppose to be like all correct. Meaning what you said is true all of it is.

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