What Does Disjunctive Mean?


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The word disjunctive is defined as a type of melody that moves in a series of steps. It is larger than a second or third. In the glossary of grammatical terminology, a disjunctive word is defined as a word that combines or joins ideas together that are mutually exclusive. These disjoint ideas are generally indicative of alternatives, options or choices.

There are two types of disjunctive words. They are disjunctive conjunctives and disjunctive adverbs. Some examples of disjunctive conjunctives are either, or, neither, nor and whether. Either and or and neither and nor are always used with each other. Some examples of disjunctive adverbs are else and otherwise.

A disjunctive object is defined as one that serves or tends to divide or separate. A disjunctive object generally has a disruptive influence on the object it is separating. A disjunctive case is a grammatical case in French. It has a distinct form only for pronouns.

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