What Does Putris Mean?


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Putris is a Latin word. It means 'rotten or crumbling'. This word related to putere which means 'to stink'. This term 'putris' is used to name some species in binomial nomenclature. Axylia putris one such name that uses the term putris. It is included in the family Noctuidae, order Lepidoptera, class Insecta and phylum Arthropoda of animal kingdom. It wraps its wings tightly around its body. This resting posture of this moth is similar to a broken twig. Thus, it was given the name putris or crumbling or broken.

There are two others species named putris. Both the species have the same name- Helix putris. One was named by Montague and the other by Linnaeus. The species named by Linnaeus is called Succinea Draparnaud and is a mollusk.

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