What Does Parallelogram Mean?


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A parallelogram is a four-sided plane or a quadrilateral with opposite sides as parallel and opposite angles as equal. In any parallelogram, the diagonals intersect each other in halves. Any side of a parallelogram can be a base. The altitude of a parallelogram is the perpendicular from the base to the opposite parallel side. Thus, the area of a parallelogram= length of the base *its altitude.

Some of the commonly known and special forms of the parallelogram are the rectangle, rhombus and the square. In a rectangle, two parallel opposite sides are perpendicular to each other. In a rhombus all four sides measure the same. The square is a parallelogram in which all the four sides are of the same length and the two pairs of parallel sides lying opposite to each other are also perpendicular to each other.
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Simple definition: A quadrilateral whose opposite sides are both parallel and equal in length. So a four sided figure whose opposite sides do no converge and are equal in length.

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